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Corpo, Palavra e Imagem

Conceição Garcia

18 November | 10am to 12pm

Biblioteca de Alcântara

A workshop at the crossroads between writing and the body: to let the body write and the writing be reflected in the body.



Maddalena Ugolini

8 December | Caixa Operária Económica

A laboratory that researches the body as a permeable, breathable surface, a diffuse perimeter, a place of
coincidence and mixture between human and non-human beings.


Listen and be the Space

Renata Espinheira Gomes

25 November | 5pm

NOTE Galeria de Arquitetura

The work proposes a way of experiencing, thinking about, updating and disseminating architecture and, at the same time, a way of thinking and acting in a direction that is more in keeping with the human essence.


The Chicken and the Egg?

Alex Pachon

29th and 30th November | 10am-1pm

Cervantes Institute

Workshop that explores the infinite possibilities resulting from the fusion of cinematic experimentation.

Esteban_As casas1 . InShadow 2023.jpg

Architecture and Sustainability

Esteban Cardenas

5 December | 2-5pm

Autonomous University Lisbon

The inclusion of wood in the project and design process. Km 0, making architecture with what is at hand.

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