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Impossible Shadows - Photography Contest



The 15th edition of InShadow – Lisbon ScreenDance Festival will take place between the 15th of November and 15th of December 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal. (Dates may change due to contingency measures).


InShadow promotes a cross-disciplinary discourse between the languages of video/cinema and dance/performance, suggesting a cine-choreographic way of thinking where relations between technology and artistic experimentation can be explored. InShadow seeks, within the world of imagination, the dialogue between different cultures. It suggests an assimilation of experiences, methods and knowledge, increasing dual relations such as thought/action and creativity/innovation.

In a year of new goals and new achievements, InShadow wants to challenge the creation of something unique. Impossible Shadows is the new Contest of InShadow Festival dedicated to Photography.


The photography challenge is to capture the "Impossible Shadow".

The photographs conception should challenge new thoughts and working methods regarding shadow based on the movement of the body and the shadow.


The photography section is aimed at emerging photographers, regardless of their age group. Participants must be the authors of the photographs and hold the rights to them.

The application for the InShadow Festival has a cost of $7.50 and is done by FilmFreeway until the 30th of June 2024.

> The submitted materials will become part of Voarte's archive and can be used in the context of the festival's presentations and exhibitions.

> The results of the selection will be communicated by email and published by Voarte's and its media partners' in October 2024.

> The maximum number of photographs exhibited per project is 6. The photographs may be submitted with the authors desired format, being subject to the festival's suggestion to use different dimensions, according to the possibility of the space where the work may be exhibited.



According to the judges, the proposals that explore in a more original way the relationship between a body and its shadow, the dance of the shadow, representing what is normally not visible, will be selected.

The selected proposals will have the opportunity to be exhibited in one of InShadow's partner galleries. No monetary value is foreseen for the author of the submitted works.

Each photography exhibition will be held in the gallery that best suits the proposal. The printing of the images will be the responsibility of the festival, maximum print size 40x60cm, and 4 to 6 images. The images will be preferably pasted on k-line matte, and according to the possibilities that the festival's partners make available.


> The photographs submission requires the authorization of copyright transfer. Authorization is considered granted by signing and filling in the registration form of the candidate proposal.

> The Festival organization is not responsible for the compliance of copyrights concerning the reproduction of photographs of the registered works whose authorship has not been explicitly stated by the candidate and agreed upon by both parties.


> Some photographs may be used for promotional purposes, and without payment of royalties, for use in press conferences, printed and/or online publications released by the festival.


> The participation in the festival requires the full knowledge and acceptance of all content stated in the present regulation.

> The festival’s direction will decide upon all omitted material in this regulation.

> The organization of the Festival has the right to modify these regulations without the need of prior notice.

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