Film Awards


We celebrated videodance, documentary and animation, with the announcement of awards for the 13th Edition of the InShadow Festival. Of the approximately 500 applications in the different, 107 films were selected for international competitions. The InShadow juries - Documentary, Official, Schools, Audience, Emerging Artist and Animation - were tasked with awarding 11 films in the various categories.

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InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Videodance Jorge Salavisa_B.png

Jontae | Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne (CA)

Faced by the global pandemic and reawakening of racism, a
performer dedicates a moment for personal catharsis through

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InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Documentary_B.png

I Have Come to Read the Night | 
Manuel Fernández-Valdés (ES)

Mónica is a dancer who spends the days between the country
and the rehearsal room while preparing her next play. In
her work there is no intention, no discourse, there is nothing to
explain. Just attention and presence. This film follows the steps
of Mónica during her enigmatic path.

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InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Animated_B.png

Main Ballet Tank | Bernhard Schmitt (SG)

Machines of War are reassigned for a more meaningful task than destruction: Dancing the CanCan. A group of T54 Main Battle tanks lets the hair down and get into some serious track-shaking, cannon-spinning and turret-twerking.

Legal Tender 4.jpg
InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_International Videodance_B.png

Legal Tender | Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern (BE)

A film about how our mindless consumption of media distorts
our perception of beauty. It reflects on social issues of race and
identity in relation to how our preconceptions can blind us to
reality. Leaves an impression about the hard work necessary
to disconnect from our habits. It observes the empathy that
can exist between people when we allow it, and explores what
community can mean if we embrace it.

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InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_National Film SOUDOS_B.png

Desabitar | Diana Antunes (PT)

Memories take us to places. It opens us doors to places where
we couldn’t get in anymore. Desabitar invite us to go thought
our memories e thought the way to affect us. Will it be possible
to be truly free when part of us still inhabits the past?

InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Choreography_B.png

Light-Bearer | Billy Marchenski (CA)

A fallen being is tormented by memories of paradise.

Photo 4 Grief_photo4.jpg
InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Cinematography_B.png

Grief | Florence Peyrard, Max Gozy (FR)

A woman is drinking tea in a quiet winter garden. Time and
space around her become blurred, she dives in her inner world,
a fantastic wild winter forest. A place where the pain of grief
will transcend her body and give voice to the ghost she carries.

InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_EVC_National Director_B.png

Breath a Little Bit Faster | 1984 | 

Sara Bernardo, Pedro Emes Nogueira (PT)

Is inspired by the vigilant environment in George Orwell’s 1984, - the actions are carried to the screen and the most profound emotions are more profund than of every character. Self and others censorship and the construction of characters that acknowledge that are being watched make part of the dramaturgy – the cruel exposition of a being in its intimacy.

InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_Videodance_B.png

Courtoisie | Raphaël Decoster (FR)

During the first lockdown of the pandemic, I got locked in this very small flat that was my home at the time. As my life was getting so repetitive in this environment, I wanted to transform it into a playground to get out of it. Dancing was a necessity, so I had to use this space that was the only available.

Photo 3 DEAR_TREE_-_FINAL.00_07_30_15.Still010-2.jpg
InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_International Director_B.png

Dear Tree, Please Don’t Spill On Our Grave | Jonne Covers (Se)

A short story about the history of humankind. In an attempt to make sense of it all, the film origins from somewhat dry research to, how did we get here? And what is that here anyway? 

InShadow 2021_Louros Premios_National Director_B.png

Setenta | Carlota Ramalheira (PT)

Water is capable of transmitting different sensations and
memories. The contrast between the strength and lightness that water gives us allows us to live and achieve experiences that would never be possible in the natural environment of human beings.