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International Animation Competition

The International Animation Competition returns to the Museu da Marioneta on November 14 and 15 with 7 animated films focusing on the representation of the body through dance.


The InShadow Festival aims, through the viewing and analysis of films, to contribute to deepening the critical sense of younger audiences.


Museu da Marioneta - Rua da Esperança, n° 146, 1200-660 Lisboa

Animation Competition

Anima #1, Vasco Diogo (PT) 4’

MOVE, Bernardo Alevato e Taianne Oliveira (BR) 2’

Marie. Eduardo. Sophie, Thomas Corriveau (CA) 3'

Big Noise, King Deluxe (CA) 5''

Gades, entre paso y paso, Antonio Alay (ES) 5’

Listen to nature, Francesco Misceo (IT) 4’

A Love Letter to the One I Made Up, Rachel Gutgarts (IS) 6'

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