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Workshop Creative Writting

18 November | 10am to 12pm

Biblioteca de Alcãntara

A workshop intersection between writing and the body: to let the body write and writing reflect in the body. Discover creative writing techniques applied to bodily expressiveness, explore feelings, memories and desires that the body expresses and use them to write, with the input from pictures, objects, texts and music. Using the body in a narrative: as narrator, as a character, as an element of dramatic progression. Feeling the effect that a text can have on the body.

Format: In person

Language: Portuguese


Biblioteca de Alcântara - Rua José Dias Coelho 27 - 29 | 1300-327 Lisboa

Conceição Garcia studied Social Communication and Writing for Film and Television by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Trainer of creative writing and storytelling courses, she founded the school Escrever Escrever in 2018 which she has been running since then. She develops courses for various audiences: prisons, companies, hospitals and universities.

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