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InShadow is back

The InShadow Festival is back and kicked off on the 9th of November, with LittleShadow - programming aimed at the youngest, with the show SOMATATI, produced by CiM - Companhia de Dança, at the Museu da Marioneta.

LittleShadow featured the International Animation Competition and LAC - Creative Activities Laboratory, which showed 7 films and had the presence of Spanish director António Alay, in competition in this edition.

With the week ahead of InShadow, the Festival's Artistic Directors Pedro Sena Nunes and Ana Rita Barata were present at FNAC Chiado to present the program and inaugurate the exhibition that celebrates 15 years of InShadow and also at Shortcutz Lisboa, with a film exhibition.

InShadow is on air, with the presence of aspiring and experienced directors, artists and choreographers and continues to present programming in Lisbon.

To learn more, see the full InShadow schedule.


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