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Iwona Pasińska Retrospective

28 November | 2:30pm

Free Entry


ETIC - Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação - Rua Dom Luís I 20 | Lisboa, 1200-151

Iwona Pasińska cinema retrospective, one of the most individualized voices currently in videodance. We will be screening six films, in a total of 70 minutes, on a joint journey through a distinct cinematographic and choreographic universe. The special session opens in black and white with Inicjacja (2017), an exploration of dreams, fear and trauma, and continues with Brzemie (2018), an explosion of colours and shapes, a moving tapestry about the rhythms of tradition and community. We return to black and white in Toporzeł (2019), about the complex relationship between human beings and nature, and rediscover colour in Ta Mara (2020), an exploration of the duality latent in the life, as in the work, of Tamara de Lempicka. Herbarium (2021) combines the classical-romantic music of Edvard Grieg with a series of floral tableaux, in a set of static shots full of movement, and Bestia (2022) closes the session, returning to the idea of community to work on the nature of the relationship between animals and humans, between prey and predator. The director's interdisciplinary approach stands out throughout this set, in a unique fusion of visual art, music and contemporary dance, always under the stamp of the Polish Dance Theatre.


Inicjacja (2017) 

Brzemie (2018)

Toporzeł (2019)

Ta Mara (2020)

Herbarium (2021)

Bestia (2022)



from Iwona Pasińska (2023)

28 November | 9pm

(opening of the Video Dance Competition session)


Teatro do Bairro - R. Luz Soriano 63 | 1200-246 Lisboa


​Dance Workshop

November 29 and 30 | 10am to 2pm 

(workshop closed to the public)


Biblioteca de Alcântara - R. José Dias Coelho 27 - 29 | 1300-327 Lisboa

Choreographer, movement dramaturge, theater theorist, artistic director of Movements Factory and co-founder of the Movements Factory Foundation. She trained at the F. Parnell Ballet School in Łódź. In 1997, Pasińska became the principal dancer of the Polish Dance Theater (PTT) - Poznań Ballet. Since 2010, she has collaborated as a choreographer or movement dramaturge with dramatic theaters, operas and alternative theaters. She has a degree in theater theory from the A.Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where she also did her PhD, focusing on the experience of the body in contemporary theater from the perspective of dance-theater. In 2016, she became the director of the Polish Dance Theater.

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