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Sound installation

4 to 20 December

FBAUL - Gallery

Monday to Friday | 11am to 7pm

Sound installation around the notion of an "expanded (human) body", a body that resonates, merges and fuses with other bodies and with the world around it; a body that extends itself through sound and image and that expands in its relationship with technology. This body moves simultaneously through different layers of existence that resonate with each other.

This installation creates a Soundscape Composition of the body-place where a human being lives. We hear sounds from inside (organs, heart) and sounds that emerge from it (breathing, voice, movements); we hear sounds from its social environment, and electronic sounds, representing technology as an extension of the body's perceptual systems or "senses"; and we also hear the voice-word, representing its mental and reflective dimension.


FBAUL - Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4 | 1249-058

Transdisciplinary artist, FCT research fellow, with artistic work in the field of sound art, experimental video, performance art and audiovisual installation. Her research focuses on sound studies and is motivated by the desire to contribute to balancing the weight between 'sound images' and 'visual images' in our perception of the world.

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