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DREAM-O-TROPE   Guido Devadder


20 November to 15 December

NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura

Wednesday to Saturday | 3pm to 8pm

“Shadow Machine” (Espaço Santa Catarina), “Kalam-Machine” and "Dream-o-trope" (NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura), are three of five artefacts from the same base art research project — Expanded Memories: Artistic Experiments into Hybrid Analogue-Digital Animation. " Expanded Memories" is a filmeu_RIT project, developed within the framework of the FilmEU European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts

These are works that, despite the authorship on the technical sheet, are the result of a collective process with contributors from different countries and backgrounds.

As a hybrid between the Dreamachine and the zoetrope, Dream-o-trope explores a meditative, conceptual form of tangible light/shadow-animation. This work reflects on the universal human strive to achieve a state of oneness, which is fundamental to many spiritual and philosophical traditions across the globe. On the material level of the shadow, the machine itself, the rotating crescent shapes move closer, but remain separate. Only in the blurry edges of the projected light, they can join as one.

— This work is heavily indebted to the conversations within the Expanded Memories collective, especially our talks on Sufi spiritualism and meditation, initiated by Diaa Lagan


NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura - Tv. da Cara 32 | 1200-088 Lisboa


Guido Devadder is an artist and PhD researcher at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels where he teaches at the Department of Audiovisual Arts.

Steven Malliet is a lecturer and researcher at LUCA School of Arts and a member of the academic board of the Re:Anima Erasmus Mundus master program in animation.


Diaa Lagan is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin and a PhD candidate at Universidade Lusófona.


Fuad Halwani is a Lebanese scriptwriter, media producer and published doctoral researcher at Universidade Lusófona. His research focuses on Shadow Narratives in media art.


Gert Wastyn is a PhD candidate at LUCA School of Arts and a multimedia artist, teaching and researching the field of Extended Reality within Expanded animation.


João Trindade is a musician and professor. He holds a PhD in Communication Studies and has "forgotten sounds" as the basis of its research and sound production.


John Buckley is a digital artist, designer, researcher and educator, lecturing in 3D Modelling, VFX and VR at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology.


José Carlos Neves is a researcher and teacher in the areas of Media Arts, Interaction and Design at Lusófona University. Holds a PhD in Communication Studies (Interactive Arts).


José Gomes Pinto holds a Ph.D in Philosophy: Aesthetics and Art Theory and teaches in the School of Arts, Architecture, Arts and Information Technologies at Lusófona University.


Judith Pernin is a Post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology and a coordinator of Expanded Memories.


Veronika Romhàny is an artist and PhD candidate at LUCA School of Arts who investigates collaborative digital art practices.


Thanut Rujitanont is an animation artist holding a joint master’s degree from the Re:Anima Erasmus Mundus program. He uses animation to explore the crossover with various art forms and scientific approaches.

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