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TRANSFIGURAÇÃO   João Pedro Rodrigues

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20 November to 15 December

NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura

Wednesday to Saturday | 3pm to 8pm

There are moments when nothing seems to make sense, the world appears to be upside down without direction and without coherence, so we look for paths we explore we get lost we find ourselves we try to build ourselves we rebuild ourselves we question ourselves we doubt we fall we get up we fall again and get back up again in a movement of metamorphosis opening a trail of light that clarifies and gives new meaning to the reborn transfigured path and we believe again.


NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura - Tv. da Cara 32 | 1200-088 Lisboa

Freelance photographer with a background in Photography and Motion Design.

Born in Angola and currently living in Lisbon.

The fascination for PHOTOGRAPHY was part of his life early on. He started with analogue photography when he was ten years old.

Acts in several areas of commercial photography and authorial projects.

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