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21 November to 7 December

Espaço Santa Catarina

Monday to Friday | 2pm to 8pm


This work aims to question, to alert society to the importance of being attentive to what surrounds us. Report through the normality of everyday life the criminal individual and the difficulty in identifying him. The behaviors of people with social lives, jobs and among so many other "normal" things that in their "free time" consider themselves in the condition of appropriating other people's lives, massacring them for their own delight. As a mechanism they use their 171 faces hidden from reality, never revealing their true desires.


Thankfully, the strangeness of this misunderstood behavior bothers those who don't have these desires.


Espaço Santa Catarina - Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7 | 1200-123 Lisboa

She graduated from the National Conservatory Dance School and completed a professional training course for dancers at the Contemporary Dance Academy. As a dancer, she has been a member of 4 Portuguese Contemporary Dance Companies and 2 in Dubai, where her latest participation in this art form stands out as a performer and an integral part of the cast of Expo Dubai 2020. In 2022/2023 she began her career in Photography and completed her training at ETIC.

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