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LAVICA  Maddalena Ugolini


20 November to 15 December

NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura

Wednesday to Saturday | 3pm to 8pm

There is nothing purely human in our body, we carry parents, grandparents, fish, bacteria, hydrogen and carbon atoms. We forgot where we came from in order to say I. Our name is a telluric force that allows the earth to keep living, blending, breathing. We are all pieces of the same stone.

LAVICA is the photographic trace of a philosophical and choreographic research part a cycle of itinerant artistic residencies called “Lugares_diaries of bodies and landscapes” born in 2017 with the idea of studying the relationship and coincidence between body and space, anatomy and geography. The choreographer investigates the authentic movement of the individual and collective body on an open stage for a horizontal dramaturgical action between humans, plants and minerals in a multispecies real time composition.


NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura -  Tv. da Cara 32 | 1200-088 Lisboa

Artist, choreographer, movement-dance therapist, founder of Dança Imaginal®, was born in Florence in 1986. She started with ballet when she was three years old and later she met dance theatre and contemporary dance. After living in the United States for a few years, practicing dance and photography, in 2012 she enrolled in the four-year course at the Tuscan Center of Art and Dance Movement therapy, where she specialized in Authentic Movement. In 2017 she moved to Lisbon, founded her project “Dança Imaginal, espaço de imaginação corpórea” and she was selected for the Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts at Dança Forum. Her works, including “Take me somewhere nice”,“Corpo Azul” and "Alba”, have been presented in several international festivals and galleries. Her research is mainly dedicated to improvisation and real time composition, exploring the perception and imagination of the individual and collective body.

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