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Isto não é um hospital.jpg

4 to 20 December

FBAUL - Gallery

Monday to Friday | 11am to 7pm

This exhibition plunges into the depths of an old hospital, once a convent, capturing the essence of its ruins through the lens of the camera.

The images reveal the convergence between the hospital's past and contemporary expression, with dancers and performers recreating the narrative of the space.

"isto não é um hospital" challenges expectations, inviting viewers to question and reinterpret the history woven into this unique setting.


FBAUL - Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4 | 1249-058 Lisboa

Joaquim Leal, graduate in Design, IADE. Designer at Favorita Art Director at Team Young & Rubicam, Plano Publicidade and EPG/TBWA, and Creative Director at Quarto Crescente and JRS. Visual artist with solo and group exhibitions Edits photography books - "Medicina Narrativa". Curator of "The She Mouse Photo Event" and Deleme Espaço Arte Photographs of choreographies by Paulo Ribeiro, Benvindo Fonseca, Amélia Bentes, Olga Roriz... Since 2017 he has been making dance/performance videos

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