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INSIDE OUT  Sofia Serra


23 November to 15 December

Espaço Cultural das Mercês

Monday to Friday | 2pm to 8pm


This project was created from my experience of practising ballet for many years and why I gave up last year. With this, I intend to show what led a dancer to have an identity crisis to the point of questioning himself not only as a dancer but also as a person and how he expresses himself through movement and memories while practising ballet.


It's these memories or habits that lead the dancer to put pressure on himself without realising it, thus showing a darker, unknown side that outsiders know about ballet. That said, the dancer feels the desire to break free from the classical ballet stereotype and find their identity.


Espaço Cultural das Mercês -  R. Cecílio de Sousa 94 | 1200-100 Lisboa

I'm Sofia Serra, I'm 18 years old and I'm a Photographer. I studied Photography for three years at Escola Profissional de Imagem (EPI), Lisbon. Photography was something that made me curious and that's why I decided to learn more about this art. Now, it's what I like to do most, and it had a huge impact on my life, such as expressing my feelings and opinions, like this photographic project I'm exhibiting, “Inside Out”, it was the last project that I did and that had a huge impact on me in my life, which is why photography is something very important to me.

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