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IMERSÃO  Inês Lopes


23 November to 15 December

Espaço Cultural das Mercês

Monday to Friday | 2pm to 8pm


The photographic composition of this work tells the story of a teenager consumed by addiction, portraying the drug, despair, and the deterioration of today's world. Its visually less contrasting presentation aims to emphasize the struggle between the innocence and vulnerability of youth with decadence and temptation. It is an analog double-exposure project intended to represent the visual effects of hallucinogenic substances and depict different phases of someone immersed in addiction.


Espaço Cultural das Mercês -  R. Cecílio de Sousa 94 | 1200-100 Lisboa

Born in Lisbon, in her curious and detailed gaze at the world, photography serves as a representative form. She has never strayed far from the arts, starting with Visual Arts, followed by a degree in Multimedia Art at FBAUL and a photography course at ETIC. Her work spans a wide variety of styles, capturing the most authentic and emotional moments through her lens.

Fotografia_Inês Lopes.jpg
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