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20 November to 15 December

NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura

Wednesday to saturday | 3pm to 8pm

Photographic project that represents the diversity of feelings that shape human existence, reinforcing the idea that we all carry a complex palette of emotions throughout our lives. This biographical project creates a unique and impactful visual narrative that seeks to capture the richness of human emotional experiences, offering an authentic and profound view of the ups and downs we all face.


NOTE - Galeria de Arquitetura - Tv. da Cara 32 | 1200-088 Lisboa

Fotografia_Inês Lopes.jpg

Born in Lisbon, in her curious and detailed gaze at the world, photography serves as a representative form. She has never strayed far from the arts, starting with Visual Arts, followed by a degree in Multimedia Art at FBAUL and a photography course at ETIC. Her work spans a wide variety of styles, capturing the most authentic and emotional moments through her lens.

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