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ESPELHO  Cláudia de Mello


23 November to 15 December

Espaço Cultural das Mercês

Monday to Friday | 2pm to 8pm

The "Espelho" project addresses the lack of representation of the female body and its repercussions. It examines the complexity of accepting and assuming one's own body, especially for women. It explores the author's difficulty in facing herself and accepting her body as her own, creating a space for introspection and self-discovery in front of the mirror. This project also highlights that the path towards body acceptance is not linear, often marked by small advances and significant setbacks.


Espaço Cultural das Mercês - R. Cecílio de Sousa 94 | 1200-100 Lisboa

Cláudia de Mello, born in Lisbon in 1995, seeks to convey meaningful messages through her projects. She works on themes such as the female nude, exploring its lack of representation and its implications. Her current focus is mainly on exploring her own image, where she dives deep into her sensations and feelings, turning her projects into a personal journey.

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