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21 November to 7 December

Espaço Santa Catarina

Monday to Friday | 2pm to 8pm


At certain moments, we tend to lose sight of our essential and intrinsic connection with the environment, as if we were separate from it. What if, in a gesture of rebellion, Nature compelled us to merge with it, leading us back to the beginning, like a renewal of origins? What would we do differently?


Espaço Santa Catarina - Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7 | 1200-123 Lisboa

Inês Costa, born in Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia. She studied nursing and began photographing as a hobby in 2019. In 2022, she embarked on her journey at Etic. She states that photography is more than a form of self-expression; it's the confirmation that she could be anything she wanted, as long as she had the courage to take risks. In her artistic expression, she includes dance and even writing, reflecting many of her interests.

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