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A DANÇA NA SOMBRA  several artists

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3 November to 15 December

FNAC Chiado

Monday to Sunday | 10am to 8pm

The starting point, that of the first house, is simple, written with three letters: light. It is the house of creation, of the first breaths, the shadow that chooses us, as well as its presence. It is the path that the walk itself proposes to us. The slopes, the bodies, the loose and luminous images. The river of shadows, like a dense flow of memories. The autumn sun, like the sun of the future.


Static and moving images have become an intrinsic part of our existence in the universe of body expression, uniting various configurations of creative expression. Thus, we arrive at the 15th edition of the InShadow Festival.


Since 2009, we have been pursuing the same initial desire: to share and interpret the representation of the body in various forms. There is an approach to artistic proposals over the years that lead us to the challenge of the world of gestures and shadows, where creativity is a key word.


The InShadow Festival explores interdisciplinary environments by reflecting on aesthetic and technical solutions for representing the body on screen, on stage, and in other performance spaces. Different genres and languages converge in videos, shows, performances, installations, and exhibitions.


Throughout the editions, several photographers have been challenged to capture emblematic moments where the shadow is illuminated by the presence of a body. In this selection of ten moments, we encounter the gaze of four photographers: A. Roque, Henrique Frazão, Fede Nogales, and Cláudio Ferreira.


We appreciate the support that artists, producers, private and institutional partners, and diverse audiences have given us over the years. We also highlight all those who have been involved in this luminous initiative. This edition is a celebration of plurality.


The shadow is like destiny, it comes from afar, from within.

In InShadow, the body imagines itself in the shadow.


Pedro Senna Nunes and Ana Rita Barata

InShadow Festival Team


FNAC Chiado - Armazéns do Chiado, R. do Carmo nº 2 Loja 407 | 1200-094 Lisboa

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