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5 December | 2pm-5pm

Universidade Autónoma Lisboa

The inclusion of wood in the project and design process. Km 0, making architecture with what is at hand.

The conscious choice of materials, especially wood, can transform not only the aesthetics of our architectural projects but also their environmental impact. Delving into the philosophy of "Km 0" in architecture, we will explore the idea of creating architecture with what is readily available. From planning to execution, we will examine how this approach can foster a connection with the local community, making it more sustainable and closely linked to the environment.


Universidade Autónoma Lisboa Rua Fernando Assis Pacheco 207 | 1350-300 Lisboa

Argentine Architect, co-founder of the Faculty of Architecture of the Catholic University of Encarnación Paraguay. Founder and editor of the first architecture magazine of the province of Misiones "Arquitecturas". He develops architectural and construction projects in his studio Cárdenas Arqs.

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