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Edition 2023

The 15th edition began on 9 November and ran until 15 December with various proposals and unpredictable encounters between cinema, dance and technology. This year's partner venues were Teatro do Bairro, Espaço Santa Catarina, Espaço Cultural das Mercês, Biblioteca de Alcântara, NOTE Galeria de Arquitectura, Faculdade de Belas Artes, Estúdios Victor Córdon, Escola Superior de Dança, Cinemateca Portuguesa and Fnac Chiado.


A commemorative edition that took place in 14 venues in Lisbon with 39 events, 5 performances, 79 films in competition, 5 performances, 5 installations with 53 video-dances, 11 photography exhibitions, 4 interactive installations, 4 workshops, 2 masterclasses, 4 special sessions with historical films, 32 countries represented, the participation of more than 200 artists and with more than 4500 people visiting InShadow. It has shown 18 world premiere films, 22 European premieres and 59 national premieres.


For the first time in InShadow's history, Portugal was the second country with the most submissions for the 2023 edition, with a total of 28 films, proving the growing investment and interest in the field of video dance and a legacy that we want to maintain.


Photography: Shawn Fitzgerald

InShadow 2023 // Videodance Spot
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