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2 arms. Non stop.

Ana Caetano

24 November 7pm

6 December 7pm

Directed to all audience

Ana Caetano proposes to draw in a repetitive and systematic way the whole area of the paper that covers a large part of the gallery walls. The space as a stage for drawing. For this action she will use both arms simultaneously and in mirror. A rhythm is established through this repeated and continuous gesture. The process takes time and will be done throughout the several days of the festival.



Espaço Cultural das Mercês - R. Cecílio de Sousa 94, 1200-100 Lisboa

Ana Caetano . foto.jpg

Ana Caetano began her artistic career in contemporary dance and later graduated in graphic design and plastic arts.  She danced in dance companies, and also with several choreographers in one-off projects. Not being today her main activity, she continues to collaborate sporadically in dance projects. In the last years she has been developing a plastic/visual work, in which the body has become a fundamental instrument. He seeks physical challenges, which imply difficulty and resistance, and explores the large scale. He is interested in new methods and the crossing of techniques.



Espaço Cultural das Mercês

R. Cecílio de Sousa 94,

1200-100 Lisboa

24 NOV | 19h00

6 DEZ | 19h00

Dirigido a todos os públicos

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