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Edition 2018

From November 15th to December 15th, 2018, there were several proposals and unpredictable encounters between cinema and dance. The InShadow Festival reveals the best of transdisciplinary artistic creation in the areas of video-dance, documentary, performance, exhibitions and installations.


This 10th edition was present with 12 films in competition in the documentaries section, 60 films in video-dance , various installations and exhibitions spread across various locations in the city, 28 countries represented and the participation of over 150 artists .


The success of this edition was due to the creativity, willingness, availability and quality of everyone involved, as well as the established partnerships, which from year to year strengthen and project both the Festival and the relationship with Vo'Arte. growing interest and audience with more than 3,000 people coming to InShadow.

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Photography:  João Pedro Rodrigues

InShadow 2018 _ Spot
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