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Imagem GhostDance InShadow.jpeg

Performance-Conference with Virtual Reality

2 December | 9pm

Teatro do Bairro

Ghost Dance - 1st movement in Virtual Reality is the result of the first phase of the research project entitled Ghost Dance. This presentation has the format of a conference-performance and includes choreographic relationships with "flesh and blood" and virtual partners.


The increasing mediation of digital technologies has changed the way we relate to each other. Ghost Dance investigates the bodily perception of self and other in Virtual Reality technological environments.


VR explores new modes of bodily interaction, generating countless possibilities yet to be explored. However, the quality of interaction with a virtual body loses its material and vibrant character intrinsic to a physical body, which is associated with fundamental embodied perceptions such as weight, temperature, touch, breathing, etc. This suggests a new relational paradigm. As such, the Ghost Dance project investigates: what happens to our perception of embodiment when we are immersed in a VR environment? How does the perception of weight, effort, time and space change when a physical dancer interacts with a virtual body? How, when immersed in a VR body relationship, does the dancer perceive their own kinesphere, their sense of touch and the sensation of the body's materiality? What implications does this way of feeling one's own body in a virtual interaction have for the way we relate to the surrounding environment?

NOTE: At the end of the presentation, there will be some time to talk to the audience.


Teatro do Bairro - R. Luz Soriano 63 | 1200-246 Lisboa

Choreographic creation Cecília de Lima

Artistic supervision António Cabrita 

Interpretation and choreographic co-creation

 Daniel Pirata, Ester Gonçalves e Miguel Santos

Programming of the Virtual Reality Environment

José Siopa

Lightning Pedro Moreira

Human-Computer Interaction Studies Pedro Guilherme

Academic Supervision Ana Paula Claúdio e Beatriz Carmo

Motion Capture Bruno Pedro

Researchers in charge of the project Rui Filipe Antunes e Cecília de Lima

Supports Universidade Lusófona; Escola Superior de Dança (IPL); Faculdade de motricidade Humana (UL); AndLab| Centro de Investigação e Estúdio Danças dos Ventos

Funding Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) Projeto: EXPL/ART-PER/1238/2021

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