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Photography Exhibition


Path of an Inanimate Body

Catarina Eduardo

Path of an Inanimate Body was developed throughout the year 2021 and has in total 9 images and an artist's proof.

Daily, the human being is exposed to a systematic standardization of thoughts and beliefs that pressure the free will to just be. We are forced to be something that should serve the system, without being able to enjoy our freedom of choice to just be nothing. The pressure that is experienced since a very early age can lead to a self-doubt about our own identity, while hurting the human ego and submitting it to a chain of conformist thoughts, leaving the individual in decadence.

Path of an Inanimate Body, the title of this photographic project, invites you to enter the mind of an individual lost in himself, who decides to undress himself from the tradition of automatism and experiential mechanization and detach himself from the intense standardization of everyday life, and then , embrace the plainness of life.



Espaço Santa Catarina

Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa

29 November

to 13 December

2pm to 8pm


Born in Grândola (Alentejo, Portugal), Catarina Eduardo from an early age felt the need to create and develop aspects of expression through any form of art.
These paths led to a degree in Photography and Visual Culture, in which she discovered an interest in carrying themes such as existentialism to the images inertia through techniques such as long exposure, collages, lighting, self-portrait and color psychology, being the human body an element always present. These are the strongest lines of her photography work.
Catarina believes that self-knowledge is endless and that our daily multidisciplinary experience does not deserve to be labeled and imprisoned in a single way of existing. In this way, her artistic path is limited to a constant discovery of various methods and stimuli due to the vast influences that surround her daily, one of them being cinema and TV, where her services are now connected.

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