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Tangedor de sentimentos

Sílvio Rosado

ECHO or “natural” reverberation in large spaces; Churches, Cisterns or large warehouses is a great place to create music in real time. The cisterns are ideal places for the development of these practices where the reverberation takes the place of a hypnotic sound stage and involves those who are there. In this performance or happening, I intend to create sonic and body drama with the audience and sonic and physical ecstasy,sound transforms feelings. I will take the audience on a sonic and narrative journey where no one is excluded. (Everyone can record but the phones are muted.


Cisterna FBAUL -  Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4, 1249-058 Lisboa



Musician since he was little, he has participated in many musical projects, some of them well known in the 90s. He has already experimented, he has dared. One day, as if an oracle of the chordophones were talking to him, he realized that he had been chosen for an instrument, the ukulele, and began to play with him everywhere, on the beach, in the city streets, in the countryside, at home, with the children. And in a way, that little chordophone started to become an integral part of him. So many songs were born that the name for his first album, like a writer who writes a diary, had to be called either Volume 1 or Volume 1. With this project he honors all the hermit artists who create for themselves and then are generous enough to give and show the world.

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