Photography Exhibition

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Shadow Theater

Catarina Carvalho

22 November to 10 December

Monday to Friday from 2pm to 8pm

(Except holidays)


For this work, I used as inspiration the painting “Watchman, watch of the night” which I saw when I went with my school to an art echibition at CCB.


The painting has numerous moments and the part that represents a classroom where its students were studying their ancestor’s war, really caught my eye. As soon as I saw that classroom, I automatically remember an activity I had in my 5th grade, where the author of my history book came to my school and talked about his experience during the dictatorship.

Because of that, I decided to do a project involving the projection of a film around this theme in a classroom, acting interventions with shadows in several scenes of “Capitães de Abril”, based on the military coup d’etat in abril 25 1974, and tried to make connections between the scenes and the shadows created in the classroom.


Espaço Santa Catarina -  Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa

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I’m studying to become a photographer. I especially like to photograph landscape and studio photography, such as fashion and product images. I’m a calm and reserved person, that likes bad weather and to spend my days at home.