Special Screening

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Retrospective InShadow

Celebrating life and dance in the form of the seven winning films from the 2008 to 2014 editions of InShadow - Lisbon Screendance Festival, followed by the most recent film by João Afonso Vaz, two-time winner in the Best National Director category.

In M de Mafra, Virpi Pahkinen explores the National Palace of Mafra in a symbolically charged solo that relates movement to space and time. Peter Sparling, in Side B, gives us insight into a side of the artist that is usually hidden from the camera. Sérgio Cruz celebrates athleticism and the elegance of movement in Hannah. Noémie Lafrance explores the limits of the body in Melt, and Renata Ferraz relates the body to the space in Body without Organs. Antti Ahokoivu explores the human's relationship with nature in Peripheral Vision and Nicola Balhuizen Hepp rejuvenates an aging body through dance in Echo. In In(di)visible by João Afonso Vaz, twelve dancers are confronted by a separation. 

These eight films, all different, have in their strongest features many similarities. They all explore the relationship of the body to itself and to the space around it, being a natural space or one built by human hand. The bodies that are shown to us are all different, but they all present their details, their emotions, their strengths and weaknesses, their forms of expression, their limits. These are bodies that search and try to get to know themselves while making themselves known. They are the beginning of everything, transmitters of an art that, through the screen, resonates all over the world. They are bodies that dance life.


Cinemateca Portuguesa

Rua Barata Salgueiro 39, 1269-059 Lisboa

M de Mafra,  Virpi Pahkinen, (SE) 10'

Side B, Peter Sparling (EUA) 8'

Hannah, Sérgio Cruz (PT/UK) 6'

Melt, Noémie LaFrance (EUA/CA) 10'

Corpo Sem Orgãos, Renata Ferraz (PT) 8'

Peripheral Visions, Antti Ahokoiv (FI) 16'

Echo, Nicola Hepp (FR) 1'

In(di)visívelJoão Afonso Vaz (PT) 10'


João Afonso Vaz

The first steps are given in a course at NYFA and later in the Film course at Universidade Lusófona. He founded Maus da Fita, which aims to be a meeting point between creators and artists for the production of audiovisual content.

Renata Ferraz
Filmmaker - researcher - actress, between worlds, makes films and writes scientific articles. She worked for two decades as a theater actress. Then she let herself be seduced by multimedia art and cinema. She is currently a researcher at CIEBA and LabCom, and is finalizing, Rua dos Anjos, with funding from the ICA.