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Photography Exhibition and Performance



Joaquim Leal, Joana Franco and Lara Maia

The tiny part of the world, the semitic stone of the museum,
the reverse angle
of the woman's generic smile


Cisterna FBAUL  -  Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4, 1249-058 Lisboa



Joaquim Leal


Joana Franco and Lara Maia

5 to 19 December

Mon, Wed & Fri from 2:30pm to 7pm

Tue & Thru from 11am to 3pm

JoaquimLeal - Joaquim Leal.jpg

Joaquim Leal began his activity as a designer at Fábrica de Chocolates Favorita and at Laboratórios da Franco Farmacêutica. He was an Art Director at several advertising companies and was also responsible for the image and interior design of the franchise of Italus stores. As a Visual Artist he held several solo and group exhibitions, having also edited 11 books of photography on the theme “Narrative Medicine”. He photograph regularly with several choreographers and in 2017 he began to make video dance/performance.


Joana Franco (1999) is a choreographer, performer and designer. Her work floats between the creation of performances, highlighting the solid collaboration with Lara Maia; artistic research with TETO collective and Madalena Xavier; and participatory projects such as ENTRAR and Bal Moderne (Culturgest), Mutantes (Boca) and NÃO RECOMENDADO À SOCIEDADE (Tiago Vieira). She is currently a student of the Masters in Choreographic Creation and Professional Practices.


Lara Maia (1998) is a creative in the areas of dance, performance, drawing, photography and recent, in writing. Her main works include "encontros corporais" (body encounters), "Não era nada disto, o amor" and "Bjs" - in co-creation with Joana Franco. Collaborated with Filipa Alves, Joaquim Leal, Hugo Canoilas and Marisa Zanotti. He has been part of projects such as ENTRAR (Culturgest) and Mutantes (Boca), and is an integral researcher of the TETO Collective.

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