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Pele Nossa Pele

Rita Vilhena | Yael Karavan

26 November to 2 December 7pm

Directed to all audience


Pele Nossa Pele is a video art-dance filmed in Coentral, Castanheira de Pêra. The film observes how we influence each other, body-Nature-body, and how we are the continuation of one another, highlighting the symbiosis between women’s bodies and the landscape. In this site-specific installation version, we have chosen 2 elements of the original film (36 minutes) and created 2 new videos (10 minutes each), engaging in dialogue with each other in the space of the cisterna of Faculdade de Belas-Artes, separated by plants and creating a natural border between them both as well as between the spectators and the work


Project supported by the Portuguese Republic - Culture | DGArtes - Directorate General of Arts

Thanks to Freguesia da Estrela



Cisterna FBAUL - Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4, 1249-058 Lisboa


Conception, Creation and Interpretation

Yael Karavan e
Rita Vilhena

Interpretation and

Yael Karavan, Rita Vilhena, Joana Castro, Thamiris Carvalho e Jim Clark

Realization, image and editing

Francisca Manuel


Diogo Melo

Photographic register

Josefa Searle e Carlota Lagido

Executive production

Rita Vilhena


Administrative and financial management, Production

Partícula Extravagante e Inês Achando


Câmara Municipal Castanheira de Pêra

Artistic residencies

Estúdios Victor Córdon, Re-union / Rumo do Fumo​​​​

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Rita Vilhena is a choreographer and interpreter, in her practices. She works the idea of transformation and participation on themes of ritual, feminism and anthropocene, and in parallel with Contact Improvisation, in different international communities. She is currently a researcher at the Performance and Cognition group - ICNOVA.

Yael Karavan is an award-winning Israeli/British performer, dancer and director; Butoh and visual performance specialist. She explores artistic languages combining diverse cultural influences. Throughout her career, she has created numerous pieces for the stage, site specific and for museums / galleries in several countries.