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Marina Palácio

17 november | 10am

From the sound design: Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint Saens.
Nortada, the wind from the northern lands, will travel through different places of the world to invite some animals to the celebration of the birth of a small wolf that lives in the Northern Forest. Some of these animals also inhabit the composer Camille Sains Saens' staff and love to draw in a different and funny way. As the path was long, to distract themselves they invented mysterious games.

From listening to the work Carnival of the Animals, we will discover the multidisplinarity of artistic expressions from the sound reading, experimenting with a very diverse performative artistic process. A playful rehearsal, also to look at abstract painting and feel its infinite possibilities of interpretation, and how authors of non-figurative painting so often conceive the works of art with concept and meaning.




Session closed to the general public

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Born in Lisbon in 1971. Poet, naturalist (apprentice) and lover of books, wolves, birds, trees, winds and silence. Illustrator, comic book author, animated film director and artist-educator of the "Oficinas de Leitura e Criatividade - Educação pelo Livro, Arte e Natureza" (since 2009).

This year she created the publishing house "O Lobo e o Vento"- editions for poetic, naturalistic/wild and sensitive readings, to develop her literary and graphic projects. This poetic communication she has established over the years with living beings, which allows her to discover stories of fauna, flora and other forms of life in the dawns and twilights of Portugal and the world.

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