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Documentary Jury

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Argentine Architect, co-founder of the Faculty of Architecture at the Catholic University of Encarnación, Paraguay. Founder and editor of the first architecture magazine of the province of Misiones “Arquitecturas”. He develops architectural
and construction projects in his studio Cárdenas Arqs.



Born in July 16th of 2005, in Lisbon. Since an early age revealed a sensibility and a particular taste by artistic expressions, finding in drawing and photography a way of expression.

Its with this interest that she applies, in 2020, at Escola Artística António Arroio. Currently finishing high school, in Audiovisual Communication, with specialization in Cinema and Video.


She aims to proceed her academic studies in higher education, in cinema.

Ana Caetano . foto.jpg


Born in 1970, lives and works in Lisbon.

She started her artistic path in contemporary dance and later graduated in graphic design and visual arts.

She danced in dance companies and also with various choreographers in dance projects. She has developed in later years a visual work, in which her body became a fundamental instrument. She looks for physical challenges, that implies difficulty and resistance, and explores a greater scale. She is interested by new ways of making and crossing techniques.

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