Documentary Jury

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Born in Lisbon in the past century, studied Med but was in photography that founded his route. Was an art photographer at the State Secretary of Culture between 1977 and 1991.

In the 80s was co-founder of the multimedia performance groups Dispositivos e Neon.

In 1991 was invited to coordinate the Photography courses at ETIC e later at EPI, where he still teaches. Since 2019 is coordinator and teacher in the photography courses at ETIC Algarve.

He doesn’t believe that photography can save anything anymore, but still believes in some people.

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Born in 2001, in Lisbon.

Began high school in 2018 at António Arroio Artistic School, studying Film in the Audiovisuals course, and concluding it in 2021. In this period raised a passion for registering the world surrounding her and, especially, for using moving images as way to document the world and portray reality.

She directed, as her Artistic Aptitude Test, her first film Ausência (2021), based on a true story.

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She explores photography and video. Born in Lisbon, begins at CEM, 1999, herstudy of contemporary dance. Highlights the work with Didier Silhol on contact improvisation. Concludes photography in 2004 at Ar.Co.

In London’s University of Westminster, specializes in transmedia.

Founder of Peach Films and a PhD student in Performing Arts and Moving Image.