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Brothers from Miguel C. Tavares

‘IRMÃOS/BROTHERS’ is a documentary that accompanies the creative process of a dance piece by Victor Hugo Pontes, premiered in 2020, ‘OS TRÊS IRMÃOS/THE THREE BROTHERS’. It goes through the various stages of the creative development of the choreographer’s original idea, which was shared with the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares, who then came up with an original drama piece. That idea and that text were then embodied by three dancers (Dinis Duarte, Paulo Mota and Valter Fernandes).


The film documents the daily dedication and commitment, the questions and the research, the occasional flaws and hurdles, but also the achievements and the tight bond that brings the choreographer and his dancers all together, in a relationship of great closeness. As a record of this process, ‘IRMÃOS/BROTHERS’ shows the search for a physical discourse built over several weeks through the movements of the three dancers, based on a literary text and on Victor Hugo Pontes’ creative universe.

Autopsy: Journey of a Creation from Henrique Pina

In the wake of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Companhia Olga Roriz, which since 1995 has been a reference in the panorama of contemporary dance, this documentary film portrays the four months of rehearsals leading up to their most recent creation: Autopsy. It is an attentive and intimate look at Olga Roriz's creative process and the construction of her choreographic language, from the genesis of the idea to its realization, exploring the close relationship between the choreographer and her performers.


Cinemateca Portuguesa

Rua Barata Salgueiro 39, 1269-059 Lisboa


Filmed by Miguel C. Tavares, Rui Manuel Vieira

Production Nome Próprio

Color Correction Rui Manuel Vieira

Music Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes

Sound Mixing Duarte Ferreira

Edition Miguel C. Tavares

Graphics Marta Ramos

Transcription Mariana Lourenço

Translation and Subtitle Matilde Lencastre

Artistic Consultant Victor Hugo Pontes

Autopsy: Journey of a Creation

Director Henrique Pina

Interpreters André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Bruno Alves, Catarina Câmara, Marta Lobato Faria, Olga Roriz, Yonel Serrano

Artistic Direction Olga Roriz

Production Companhia Olga Roriz e Moonway Films 

DOP Lee Fuzeta

Camera Operation Lee Fuzeta, Daniela Manaças 

Sound Operation Toninho Neto

Sound Edition André G. Mendes 

EditorJoão Pedro Duarte

Color Grading João Sanchez

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