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International Invisible Shadow

In response to the unique times we are living in, InShadow is attempting a competitive online exhibiting, with a transcontinental jury. An initiative that aims not only to respond to the impositions of these days, but also to sublimate the underlying theme of the selection.

“Invisible Shadows” includes 8 screendances that were submitted to us from all over the world and which - more or less directly - emerged as manifestations of the artistic experience in times of lockdown. Images were revealed to us from days spent, in places which are usually off-limits to most, involving shadows that would have remained invisible were it not for the creative strength of their authors, and which we are happy to share with our audiences, perhaps as a challenge to keep their hope and imagination alive.

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Transcontinental Jury

Bellydance Vogue, Hadi Moussally (LB)

No dancing at night , Rebekka Friedli | Nathalie Kamber (CH) 

The Protocol, Avatâra Ayuso (RU) 

Morph, Clarisse Roud (UK) 

Recode, Kelsey Paschich | Kevin Abbott (USA)

Flood, Mike Esperanza (DE) 

102 Degrees, Natalia Marty | Paula Nunez (USA)

The Room, Laida Aldaz Arrieta (ES) 


InShadow 2021 // Videodance Spot
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