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The Art of Shadow 
Searching the truth of the Light


The InShadow Festival is a VoArte initiative focused on the distance and proximity between dance and cinema. It is a festival that calls for creative freedom and continuous learning, where new concepts and the crossing of artistic lines are advocated. In the thirteen editions carried out, hundreds of artists and technicians were presented, many of national and international renown, and many others to be launched in first experiences.


Programming requires an open and attentive attitude on the part of the spectator. Artists for this edition: choreographers Olga Roriz, Alain Platel and Víctor Hugo Pontes, directors Henrique Pina, Miguel C. Tavares, Alexis Braun, Floriane De Gracia, Jéremie Bouillon, Nina Marinov, Chantal Caron, Diana Olifirova, Rannvá Káradóttir, photographers Joaquim Leal, João Pedro Rodrigues and Henrique Frazão. And the artists Marina Palácio, Conceição Garcia, Ana Caetano,  Maddalena Ugolini, Sílvio Rosado, Joana Franco, Lara Maia, Paula Dreyer and Esteban Cárdenas.


The Official Jury comprises the director, dancer and director of Festival Foco en Movimiento Paula Dreyer (Argentina), director, researcher and professor Luca Aprea (Italy) and director and researcher Réka Zucks (Hungary). The Documentary Jury is made up of young video student (Escola Artística António Arroio) Marta Moita (Portugal), choreographer and dancer Ana Caetano (Portugal) and architect Esteban Cárdenas (Argentina).


The Schools Jury brings together students from various artistic fields. The shadow is confronted, in a regime of duplicity, with its own starting image.


The InShadow Festival builds, through art, a more inclusive community, where everyone's contributions and provocations prove to be structuring in the construction of new paradigms and signs of hope.  

​ The InShadow Festival continues in the shadows, giving light to all who accompany us. 

Welcome to InShadow 2022!

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