Photography Exhibition

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Human Geography

Photography Exhibition

João Pedro Rodrigues

19 November to 17 December | 10am to 6pm

Directed to the general public


We study surfaces, a possible territory, a landscape, a place. We observe the distribution of things, of movements, of phenomena and we adjust. We measure the space, create memory of the body that inhabits it and create relationships with the environment. They are details in transformation with an unfinished order where we can listen to the delicate of an open space and time.

Free Entrance


Estúdios Victor Córdon - Rua Vítor Cordon 20, 1200-442 Lisboa



Ana Rita Barata

Artistic Consultant 

Pedro Sena Nunes


Bruno Rodrigues, Joana Gomes, Nelson Moniz


Mafalda Estácio


Associação Paralesia Cerebral de Lisboa


Sporting Clube de Portugal (Departamento Ginástica)

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Freelance photographer with a background in Photography and Motion Design.
Born in Angola and currently living in Lisbon.
The fascination for PHOTOGRAPHY was part of his life early on. He started playing with LIGHT when he was ten years old with his first camera, a FERRANIA 120 film.