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Photography Exhibition

InShadow 2022 _ Henrique Frazao . TO BE . Instagram.jpg

To Be

Henrique Frazão

Move through space and time. Wander through the city, face and be faced.
Being nullified by the city.
To be.
To show. He already had been there. Being for the first time here.
To stay. To remain.
Remind thoughts as movement rehearsals.
To think.
To disappear.
Leave a trace of memories, maybe I leave more.



Galeria NOTE

Travessa da Cara 32, Bairro Alto - Lisboa

7 December

to 7 January

©Henrique Frazão _ InShadow 2016.jpg

A portuguese artist and climate activist. The fear of amnesia led him, from an early age, to want to record and keep much of what he saw, learned, thought and felt. Thus photography played an increasingly role, being used as a medium to immortalize concepts. Since 2017, he has been developing a time capsule where he intends to exhaustively archive sequentially recorded images. The clash with data from climate science, in 2018, made him see this project with an even greater urgency. The world as we know will disappear in a few decades. Let some memory remain.

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