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Escrita Coreográfica em torno 
do Silêncio

Salud López

24 November | 10am to 1pm & 2:30pm to 5:30pm
25 November | 10am to 1pm

27 November | 11am to 1pm (for families)

Biblioteca de Alcântara

The workshop proposes a theoretical and practical introspection to the choreographic process made by the artist Salud Lopez. We will approach different artistic languages, focusing on the movement of our body, when taken by the meaning of our words.
All the loose words that accompany us daily, influence and have a resonance in us. We all have different ways of expressing, through writing and movement, which somehow arouses something in us.
During this workshop we will move the body and listen to the silence, together with the audience, through a series of experiences, creating a sound and choreographic score.

Integrated project in Mostra de Espanha with the support of Embaixada de Espanha.



Spanish | Portuguese


General public


7€ 50% Discount with BLX card

15 to 20 participants


Born in Sevilla, Spain, Salud López is a choreographer and gesture investigator. She has conceived numerous projects, including “Pista Digital”, “Proyecto Paso” and “La mujer la danza”.
Since 1990 she runs the dance company Octubredanza, in 2005 started Sevilla Corporativa Danza, was also the artistic director of “Endanza Place of Criation” and taught workshops at Central Saint Martins. In 2015 initiated a PhD in Visual Arts at Évora University.

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