Iterative Installation

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Maria Inês

22 November to 10 December


Elementos is an invite to the audience’s interplay with the narrative of a choreography, in two distinct dance genres, that symbolizes two elements from nature. Offering, thus, the possibility of the spectator to navigate in a metaphor and that unravels in dance from throughout the story.
The two characters are presented in natural different environments and the action unrolls in the shape of a dance poem. Earth and Water leave their solitude for a harmony founded in union, that opens doors to new horizons.


Espaço Santa Catarina -  Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa


Realization Production
and Post-production

Maria Santos

Dancer “Sea”

Alice Queiroz

“Earth” Dancer

Alice Queiroz


Paula Perfeito

Camera Assistant 

Miguel Silva, Maria Santos

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Was a student of Communication Science at NOVA University of Lisbon.  Then joined the Multimedia course at EPI with the aim of experimenting new ways of learning and to board in new projects, especially in the video area. I developed a project, above everything creative and experimental, thought all the course, manifesting a retention of knowledge in every project.
Finishing the course, I did an internship at a publicity agency, putting in practice everything I learned thoughout the multimedia course.