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Photography Exhibition

Distorção - Sofia Serra (2).tif

Reality Distortion

Sofia Serra

The word distortion in this work comes from creating shadows that seem impossible to do using real objects, the human body and the way it moves. With this, it was possible to distort real things from shadows and movement.

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I'm a photography student at the Professional School of Image (EPI), in Lisbon.
I am 17 years old and my interest in photography started when I started the course. During the course, I ended up falling in love with authorial photography, because it is where I feel I can express everything I feel and my way of seeing the world, which gave me a feeling of freedom.

29 November

to 13 December

2pm to 8pm



Espaço Santa Catarina

Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa

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