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Photography Exhibition



Photography Exhibition

João Pedro Rodrigues

24 November to 13 December | 2pm to 8pm

New show celebrating the 15th anniversary of the company’s trajectory and the artistic, performative, pedagogical work, with the particular case of taking onto stage the interpreters PEPA training project, and professional dancers.

DES-ACERTO searches to reinvent time and space interrupted for two years by the pandemic, a bridge between the reality of then and now, where desires, fears and challenges still inhabit. Words and movements meet in suspended encounters, in acts of decision and action for the body to mark a unique time of sharing.

Free Entrance


Espaço Cultural das Mercês - R. Cecílio de Sousa 94, 1200-100 Lisboa

Cast and Crew

Artistic Direction

Ana Rita Barata e Pedro Sena Nunes

Pedagogical and Artistic Coordination

Bruno Rodrigues


Mara Ricárdio Pacheco


Abubacar Turé, David Miguel, David Rocha, Diana Martins, Maria Inês Costa, Joana Gomes, Jéssica Boneco, Maria do Mar Vieira, Lourenço Barros, Manuel Maranha, Carolina Duarte, Maria Eugenia Brandulo, Maria Pinto, Nelson Moniz, Pedro Simões, Teresa Lanhoso, Teresa Manjua, Vicente Nunes, Teresa Barata, Sofia Poupinha

Portuguese Sign Language Interpreter

Sofia Poupinha


Inês Baptista | Vo’Arte


Sporting Clube de Portugal (Departamento Ginástica)

Joao Pedro Rodrigues_Fotografia Autor - Copy.JPG

Freelance photographer with a background in Photography and Motion Design.

Born in Angola and currently living in Lisbon.

The fascination for PHOTOGRAPHY was part of his life early on. He started with analogue photography when he was ten years old.

Acts in several areas of commercial photography and authorial projects.

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