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Deaf Cultural Empowerment Through Deaftopias

Cristina Gil

22 November | 3pm to 5pm 


Cristina Gil will be taking you all on a trip through conceptual framework and we will have several stops to look at many great examples Deaf cultural productions, such as novels, movies, and other Deaftopian stuff! In the end, we will reach our destination by having a fertile debate and exchange of our thoughts and feelings about Deaftopia.

Presencial & Online via Zoom


Spoken english with interpretation in IS and LGP


Museu das Comunicações -  Rua do Instituto Industrial 16, 1200-225 Lisboa

Persons interested in the area of inclusive performative arts, hearing or deaf people, with or without knowledge of Sign Language, including Translators and Interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language.


Free entrance submission required

Cristina Gil - E.png

Cristina Gil is a PhD in Culture Studies conducting interdisciplinary research on Deaf Culture. She became a member of the Sign Language Peoples in 2000/2001, did her Bachelors in LGP interpretation and worked as a sign language interpreter for 13 years. In 2010, she finished her master's in Barcelona with a dissertation on the lives of Deaf Leaders, and has dedicated the last 8 years of her life to build the concept of Deaftopia.

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