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Criatividade e Concepção de Projetos

Carla Polaz

4 december 2021 | 5pm Lisbon (Portugal), 2pm São Paulo (Brazil)

The workshop is a conversation guided and mediated by the instructor
about characteristics and elements related to the individual creative process that may (or may not) flow into goal-structured projects. It is a walk about ways of nurturing our subjectivity and transforming it into realizations. These realizations that take place in a certain time and space are called projects.



Portuguese (brazilian)

People interested in talking about creativity and project design. 


20 participants


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One of the producers of the São Carlos International Videodance Festival (Brazil), dancer and cultural manager of Urze Dance Company. Is also a biologist and doctor in Sciences, with experience in management of both environmental and cultural projects. Works in the binomial art-science.