Photography Exhibition

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Corpo na Sombra / Olhos na Luz

Ivan Brazuna

22 November to 10 December

Monday to Friday from 2pm to 8pm

(Except holidays)


The documentation of the performance Ya, Walk! Talk!, by Dally Schwarz and Marcos Aganju, focuses in the proximity between performers and the photographer moved by the realisation of these on stage, fumbling the same floor. The presence of the performance melts itself with space through the body that flows in the shadow and becomes it, this other shadow being latent to the public eye. Images shoot up in the dark in front of the audience captivated by the performing movement that perpetuate all its essence.


Espaço Santa Catarina -  Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa

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Born in Lisbon in 20th may 2001, Ivan has always shown a special interest for the pictorial universe, giving primacy to photography and cinema, ways of expression channelized/revelled by his vision about the space involving and the one he fills. Having the urge to improve his outsider look and his subsequent materialisation after, Ivan starts to study at Escola Artística António Arroio in 2016 where he specializes in audio visuals and in his last year of frequency (2019) in photography. In 2020 he feels the need to introduce himself in filmmaking at where he still studies.