Photography Exhibition

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Corpo Imaginado

Filipa Alfama

22 November to 10 December

Monday to Friday from 2pm to 8pm

(Except holidays)


Live for the boundaries between the body and the shadow, exploring the fusion of bodies with different materials through the shadow’s movements. In a sort of imagery dance, these images gain life and become a choreography that transports us through the bodies that inhabit it. It’s a visual metaphor about uniting different bodies and identities, opening up new possibilities of bringing together or merging elements that in the outset might have seem incompatible.


Espaço Santa Catarina -  Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 7, 1200-123 Lisboa

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Filipa Alfama (Lisbon, 1996) tries, through the body and the shadow, tries to explore questions around identity and human communication. Graduated in Arts and Multimedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts. She was a resident artist in ZIGUR Fest, from which resulted the urban installation Pedra por Pedra (2020). She was part of the collective exhibition Perphoto with the video-installation Raiz (2021), at Espaço Alkantara.