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Caixa Económica Operária

Rua Voz do Operário, 64,  1100-621 Lisboa

Lar Militar da Cruz Vermelha

Av. Rainha Dona Amélia 51, 1600-680 Lisboa


Surface | Movement and performative research workshop

with Maddalena Ugolini

Workshop 4 December | 11am to 6pm

Caixa Económica Operária

Workshop 8 December | 12pm to 6pm

Lar Militar da Cruz Vermelha



Surface is a laboratory that investigates a body that becomes a threshold, a passage, permeable to the transit of images and words, tensions and sensations. A singular and plural organism, which defines itself in and with the world, offering its surface.


It is a research space open to dancers and non-dancers and offers a synthesis of contemporary dance methods, embodiment practices, authentic movement and real-time composition, which opens the imagination of the individual and collective body.


Dancer, choreographer, movement-dance therapist, founder of Dança Imaginal®, was born in Florence in 1986.  Her works, including “Take me somewhere nice”, “Corpo Azul” and “Alba”, have been presented in several international festivals and galleries. Her research is mainly dedicated to improvisation and real time composition, exploring the perception and imagination of the individual and collective body.

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