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International Animation Competition

The International Animation Competition gathers, in this edition, a total of 8 films, from 5 different countries.


The animated films this year largely appear on the threshold of the very concept of animation, with a series of proposals linked, primarily, to the real image. Among optical poems, performative objects or proposals contiguous to rotoscopy, the present selection aims at exploring the visual expression of the body in movement and proposes a set of narrative challenges far from the usual functions of animation.


Young people, as juries, have a decisive role in choosing the best animation in competition at the festival, with the sessions being followed by a vote - as well as a conversation aimed at substantiating the possibilities of dance as an emotional and kinetic engine of animated filmmaking.

And this is my body, concha vidal vidal (ES) 4'

Three Short Shorts, Peter Sparling (EUA) 2'

The Statue (Peykareh), Mohsen Salehi Fard (IL) 9'

Twine, Ana Contreras, Keely Song (EUA) 4'

À la recherche de la Vivance n°2, Michaël Cros, Christophe Le Blay (FR) 3'

Gliff, Rebecca Salzer (EUA) 4' 

Walls Running, Charlotte Griffin (EUA) 2'

Paint On Paint # 5, Vasco Diogo (PT) 4'


4:30 pm

Teatro do



Teatro do Bairro - R. Luz Soriano 63, 1200-246 Lisboa

Free entry


InShadow 2021 // Animation Competition
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