International Animation


The International Animation Competition gathers, in this edition, a total of 9 films, from 8 different countries.

The animated films in competition explore the body through dance and offers poetic narrative challenges, where comedy, animal spirit and physical touch are highlighted, in a time where we are still deprived of some gestures. The children have a decisive role in choosing the best animated film, in competition at the festival, as judges – the sessions will be followed by conversation and voting.


Between visions and journeys, in a current social perspective, we take, more than ever, a curatorial look based on a renewed appreciation for the power of dance as an emotional and kinetic engine of cinematographic construction.

Displaced, Laura Ramirez (EE)

Erêkauâ, Paulo Accioly (BR) 

Risk, Amir Zakirov (RU) 

Main Ballet Tank, Bernhard Schmitt (SG) 

Drumtalk, Magic Steven (AU) 

Rotoscope Animation Afro Dance, Saebom Kim (DE) 

Meanwhile in Rio, George Wheeler (UK) 

Blip, Hannah Sum (US) 

Dance of Harmony, Michal Levy (IL) 

7, 8 & 12 OUT

10 am

Museu da Marioneta


Museu da Marioneta  - Rua da Esperança 146, 1200-660 Lisbon, Portugal

Free entry

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InShadow 2021 // Animation Competition
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