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International Videodance Competition

The International Videodance Competition, one of the central cores of InShadow Festival programming, back at Teatro do Bairro, between the 6th and 9th of December, with a total of 60films from 19 countries, presented in 5 sessions.


The diversity of visions aligned allowed us to choreograph a programme based on undefined systems of contrast and arrhythmias – small artistic, aesthetic and thematic cores, that challenge and complement each other, in a joint appeal, collectively singular, to provocation.


The curatorial proposal surges anchored in a current global vision, not only just the vanguard of the genre, but society in general, with a large majority of films focused in structuring themes, proposing renewed ways on reflecting the world we live in.

The result is a collection of balanced sessions between the most varied prisms: from traditional proposals, to constructions of more fictional nature, through conceptual experimentations around dance that welcomes the cinema, and of cinema that attracts dance.


As per usual, we have the presence of directors, choreographers and other international artists, in an assumed role to keep alive creative synergies that have moved us throughout all these years.


Teatro do Bairro  - Rua Luz Soriano 63 | Lisbon. 1200-246

Free entry

Session 2


Tuesday. 9pm

Sessão 5


Thursday . 9pm

Shifting Tools, Francesca Santamaria, Mattia Cursi (IT) 1'

YurodivyRyan Renshaw (AU) 4'

Flower in a Shell, Floriane De Gracia, Alexis Braun (FR) 

DreamlikeDiana Morales S. (MX) 6'


Breath, Catalin Rugina (RO) 8'

Erosion ProjectDan Su (EUA) 7'

FIST, Thomas Bos (NL) 13'

Battle Of Fishes, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou (GR) 3'

Røtter, Raven Jackson (EUA) 4'


On Mending, Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Emilie Louise Leriche (IT) 15'

Session 1


Tuesday. 3pm

A BODY IS, Jaime Dezcallar (ES) 4’

La Nostra Terra, Thomas Born (IT) 17’

World of KokoroClare Chong (SG) 2'

SILOJérémie Bouillon (FR) 5'

La Galerie, Loup-William Théberge (CA) 11'

Shadow of a DoubtFeike Santbergen, Sanne Kortooms (FR) 3'

Bronx Magic, Marta Renzi (EUA) 5'

Wonderland, Fu Le (FR) 7’

Shattered Ripples, Siye Tao (CN) 6'

AGATHI (THORN), Alexander Stamatiadis (GR) 9'

Milho Rei, Nilsen Jorge, Thora Nadeshka Calderon (PT) 8'

When the Night Falls, Kimmo Leed (FI) 10'

Substance, Nina Marinov (EUA) 3’

FORMLESS, Blandine Vives (FR) 3’

Fresh oranges into the oceanSilvia Giordano, Nuanda Sheridan (IT) 12'

Cuckoo SongJames Copeman (UK) 6'

sève, Alexander Petit Olivieri (EUA) 9'

A Portrait, Vilma Tihilä (FI) 7' 

AbiogenesisDavid Vincent Smith (AU) 3'

kopitoto, Lisa Kusanagi, JuJu Kusanagi, Yvonne Meier (JP) 9'

ACT III, e Hou (CN) 3'

Prisoner of the borders, Morgan Eloy (FR) 3'

Cartography in Three Movements, Mário Jerónimo Negrão (PT) 20'

SZPULE, Maria Bijak (PL) 9'

Session 3


Wednesday . 9pm

Intrance, Diana Olifirova (UK) 4'

Herbarium, Iwona Pasińska (PL) 13’

BLUESofia Monzerratt (EUA) 4'

The BackstageAitor Padilla (ES) 2'

Faun, Ben Shirinian (CA) 11'

A Perpeptual State of What the F#@k!!??Mick Angus, Gavin Webber (AU) 9'

STAVROPOL, Andrew Margetson (UK) 4'

ContainerRebecca Alenoski (EUA) 6'

Ashes, e Hou (CN) 4'

An Evening With Taglioni, Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple (UK) 14'

Paralaxe, Pedro Tiago (PT) 5'

WALLS, Dani Cobarrubias, Carmen Porras (ES) 10'

Session 4




ALBERI, Laura Zago (IT) 2’

URÐ, Rannvá Káradóttir, Marianna Mørkøre (FO) 6'

anamnesisEvangelia Lousioti (GR) 3'

The end does not seeDavide Belotti, Borna Babic (NL) 10'

Wintersweet on the SnowCuiying Li (CN) 5'

Reminiscences, Virginie Brunelle (CA) 11'

UTRO, Polina Mirovskaya (NL) 5'

ContrapesoKati Maria Kallio (FI) 9'

The Other Me, Haoyuan Hu (CN) 3'

UNSHACKLED EPISODES, Mira Gregorič, Mirjam Sadjak (AUST) 3'

Breathing, Filipe Faria (PT) 6'

Due North, Chantal Caron (CA) 23'


InShadow 2022 // Videodance Spot
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