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International Documentary Competition

The International Documentary Competition gathers, in the current edition, a total of 18 films from 12 different countries – the largest number of films and countries in competition in the history of a category that, more than ever, is seen as illustrative of the current panorama of documentary related to dance.


Over six sessions, in a total of more than eight hours, the competition appears to us anchored in two apparently distinct valences that intertwine and complement each other: portraits, personal or collective, of creative processes - testimonies of a range of different thoughts about art - and objects largely motivated by thematic concerns, current or timeless, in the context of performing arts: emigration, nature, motherhood, aging or disability, among others.


Increasingly, a space where the very concept of documentary appears to us reframed in the light of films that questions or embraces it, the International Documentary Competition arises from a curatorial look based on both a renewed appreciation for the bodily and soulful strength of dance as a kinetic engine of cinematographic construction, how much of the art/practice of cinema as a reconfiguring agent of dance.


Teatro do Bairro - R. Luz Soriano 63, 1200-246

(session 4, 5 e 6 for general public)


Free entry

Escola Superior de Dança - R. Conselheiro Emídio Navarro 1, 1959-007 

(session 1, 2 e 3 exclusive for students)

Session 1

29 NOV

Monday. 11am

Step by Step, Andrew Margetson (UK) 5’

Medea in Barcelona – Thomas Noone dancing a myth, Stefanie Herrmannsdörfer, Wolfgang Horn (DE) 44’

Dancer's Calling, Clément Godet (FR) 46

Session 2

29 NOV

Monday. 3pm

BROTHERS, Miguel C. Tavares (PT) 49’

Autopsy: Journey of a Creation, Henrique Pina (PT) 53’

Session 3

30 NOV

Tuesday. 11am

Why We Fight?, Alain Platel, Mirjam Devriendt (BE) 97’

Session 4


Tuesday. 3pm

COCONUT (STA), Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard  (CA) 15’

The Emroideresses , Bo Fredrik Sjökvist (SE) 8

One Of Us, Aleksej Nutz (DE) 18’

The swan at the Mouth of the River, Daphna Mero (IL) 20

Shaping The Spectrum, Rubén Darío Banol Herrera (CH) 6’

Force majeure, Simon Ellis, Magali Charrier (UK) 4’

Material Bodies, Dorothy Allen-Pickard (UK) 4’

The City that Lives in Me, Maria Carolina Silva (BR) 62’

Session 5


Thursday. 3pm

Session 6


Friday. 3pm

Belia, Eman Hussein (EG) 10’

ba(ME), Michael Garrett (UK) 9’

Stillness in the Wave, Cheung Cheuk (HK) 28’

LIVING ON THE THRESHOLD, Vincent Bruno, Marine Chesnais (FR) 29’


InShadow 2022 # Documentário
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