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Special Screening

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Alessandro Amaducci

13 to 17 December

Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm


Without words: that’s how you stay in front of a dream, a recall, an emotion. The power of silence. As a video artist, I’m trying to (re) create dreams, recalls and emotions without using the words, but the images and the music. For this reason, I like to work with dancers: because they are quite used to express complex moods with their bodies. So, I consider them something more than simple dancers or performers, but “actors without voice”: they express themselves using the silence of their bodies. Especially because some of my videos are quite narrative, but without speaking actors.

Thanks to Pro.Dança

Free Entrance


Cisterna FBAUL 

Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes 4, 1249-058 Lisboa

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Born in Torino (Italy) in 1967. He worked with the Archimedes Centre of Visual Arts (a cultural centre of a District in Torino), were he held video workshops, with the National Film Archives of Resistence (Torino), where he produced documentaries about the Second World War, the Resistance, about workers struggle and other subjects relevant to the activity of the Archive, and with Theater Juvarra in Torino in the realization of multimedia shows and videoperformances. He is also professor of video language and practice in DAMS, University of Torino. He wrote several books about videoart; video technics and aesthetics of electronic arts. Since 1989 he produces experimental videos, music videos, video installations, multimedia shows and video scenographies for dance performances.

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